Industry-Standard Product Circularity Data Sheets (PCDS) Launches on Toxnot Platform

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Toxnot’s the first U.S. based platform to offer companies the ability to create and export Product Circularity Data Sheets (PCDS) globally.


A global challenge for every manufacturer is obtaining reliable and secure data about the materials in the products they produce. Governments today are exploring how to structure regulations to promote a circular economy. It’s essential that companies have the tools to prepare for this fundamental shift in the regulatory environment. To solve this core challenge, the Ministry of the Economy of Luxembourg commissioned the consultancy Positive ImpaKT to develop an industry standard for product circularity data called the Product Data Circularity Sheets (PCDS). This standard will be integrated into Toxnot platform. This creates the first global, cross industry data aggregation platform for PCDS’s, combining it with one of the leading supply chain management systems on the market.

The PCDS makes it easier for company’s stakeholders to evaluate circularity metrics right now. If you’re a company interested in implementing circularity, a PCDS allows you to keep better track and measure each one of your products for the Circular Economy. It ultimately, lets your customers clearly communicate your products circularity attributes. This will also let companies to prepare for the upcoming ISO 59040 standard being developed for products in the circular economy.

“The Product Circularity Datasheet project is leading the way in giving supply chains a format for transacting Circularity data,” said Toxnot CEO Pete Girard. “We’re very excited to combine this with Toxnot’s capabilities in Product and Materials Passports to scale up the use and usability of Circularity data in product design, purchase and end of life applications.”

This collaboration accelerates companies’ ability to create and manage universal digital circularity fingerprints for all materials and products. Access to this data helps companies easily find the circularity attributes they need from suppliers, empowering them to be able to design products accurately and confidently for the imminent Circular Economy. Toxnot brings global reach across multiple levels of the supply chain and industry to the PCDS project. Incorporating Product Circularity Data Sheets data on top of Toxnot’s market leading infrastructure for digital product passports.

“This is another important step in the continued path of the open and neutral Product Circularity Data Sheet Initiative towards widescale industry acceptance, and towards Luxembourg's goal of becoming a Digital Hub for the Circular Economy” said Dr. Christian Tock, Deputy Director General Industry, New Technologies and Research for the Ministry of the Economy of Luxembourg. “We’re pleased to see the first practical integration of the PCDS into a U.S. based data aggregation platform.”

Getting started on your first PCDS using the Toxnot platform is simple. Sign-up now with a free Toxnot account to create PCDS reports and publish them on the Toxnot Exchange. With a Toxnot Premium subscription, users can also export unlimited PCDS reports to share directly with customers and stakeholders.


About Toxnot

Toxnot is a software company with a mission to improve health and sustainability across the global supply chain by streamlining the chemical transparency process. Toxnot provides an efficient system for manufacturers to import chemicals data, provide insight into their hazard profiles, report on the results and create safer products. Organizations use Toxnot to automate transparency reporting and compliance, easily collect hazard information, and reduce risks across their global supply chain. Toxnot scales from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises.


About the PCDS

The PCDS is a digital fingerprint for the circular qualities of products. It contains a list of statements in a user friendly yes/no format, along with guidance for each statement. It does not require confidential data. It's machine readable and automatically assembles much of the data. It shows how or if the data was audited. The PCDS was commissioned in 2018 by the Ministry of the Economy of Luxembourg to the consultancy Positive ImpaKT, in consultation with more than 50 industry, NGO and government agency representatives.


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