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A one-stop shop for compliance with PFAS regulations

Instill transparency in your organization’s processes and reduce PFAS risk exposure. 3E Exchange is the easiest solution to monitor your company’s TSCA 8(a)(7) compliance. With 3E Exchange, you can easily:

  • Determine which of your products contain PFAS
  • Upload your supplier data (or send your supplier a survey with one click) to determine if they are compliant.
  • Easily collect the data you need 
  • Continually monitor and alert you if a supplier's material is added to PFAS chemicals list.
  • Manage and print certificates for all relevant products.


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Most entities have until May 8, 2025, to report

Small PFAS manufacturers and importers have until November 10, 2025.

Why Use 3E Exchange?


Find & Address Compliance Risks

3E Exchange allows you to upload supplier data. Simply make a list of your suppliers and you can either manually upload their data with our templates or create a survey with one click to send to them.

We’ll keep track of which data has been added and which suppliers still need to add their data. This allows you to keep all your compliance current without the hassle of managing it with spreadsheets and traditional methods.


Automate Compliance

With 3E Exchange we have two goals: keep you compliant & make your life easier. Through our survey system, your suppliers can upload and self-verify their TSCA compliance.

We take care of the ongoing tracking and reminders to make sure you stay compliant - even with changing vendors and regulatory guidelines.


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3E Exchange is the only major compliance package that allows you to get started for free today. Click here to create an account and start uploading your info.

Or if you’d like us to walk you through the process, you can schedule a no-obligation demo. There’s literally no reason not to give 3E Exchange a test drive.







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"Because both collection of data & reporting are automated, we found that we save hours of time & money which would have been spent manually inputting data from emails and spreadsheets."


Annie Bevan, Global Head of Sustainability


Free Product Compliance Suite
Simplified TSCA 8(a)(7) Compliance

Streamline management & instantly generate PFAS compliance reports. 3E Exchange improves your access to supply chain data, automates your product data, and helps you generate reports faster.


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A simplified workflow to save you time & money
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Follow these simple steps to start
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Import your product data

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First let's organize your data.
Import existing product data & easily survey suppliers directly from 3E Exchange to organize your material ingredients.

Analyze your compliance

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Then visualize regulatory status.
Our platform helps you instantly determine if your if your product materials are TSCA 8(a)(7) compliant.

Create compliance statements

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Now drive results.
Manage compliance lists & automate reporting. Optimize your data management to create letters & statements to streamline results.

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Why is it important to comply with TSCA8(a)(7)?

Complying with TSCA8(a)(7) is important because it helps to protect human health and the environment. There are strong penalties for non-compliant companies.

By complying with TSCA8(a)(7), companies can avoid these penalties and retain access to key markets.