Toxnot Launches Materials Passports on the Toxnot Exchange Platform to Support Circular Economy Transition

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The Toxnot Exchange provides detailed and configurable Material Passports at Product manufacturers and suppliers can easily and securely find and share materials data to support compliance, sustainability, and circularity initiatives.


Navigating complex supply chains and intellectual property concerns makes getting detailed materials supply chain data the single most difficult task for companies engaged in compliance, sustainability, or circular product initiatives. The newly released Toxnot Exchange provides an easy solution for both manufacturers and suppliers to find and share materials information. Suppliers can control access to their Material Passports and protect their intellectual property rights. They can even take advantage of Toxnot’s proprietary algorithms that suggest their materials data when customers initiate requests to them. This solution reduces the need for one-to-one surveys, improving the process for everyone. Manufacturers surveying suppliers on Toxnot are instantly and automatically connected with Materials Passport data whenever it’s available.


“Our goal is to replace duplicate and time-consuming supplier surveys” says Pete Girard, Toxnot Co-Founder. “We are focused on giving suppliers control over their data so that they can choose how to best support their customers while at the same time using Toxnot technology and automation to reduce manual work and effectively deliver product data in the formats manufacturers and retailers need.”


The Toxnot Exchange and Digital Material Passports provide critical infrastructure in supporting a global move to circular economy models. Toxnot Material Passports allow companies to securely store detailed ingredient data to ensure materials health, define preferred end of life options as well as store carbon and water data. The Toxnot Exchange makes it easy for both suppliers and manufacturers to exchange data, build products and generate product specific reports.


"At Niaga we are actively working towards a future that is more transparent and circular. Toxnot is leading the way in organizing the detailed supply chain data that will be required to meet evolving standards and regulations." – Sascha Bloemhoff, Niaga Marketing Director


The platform improves information disclosure, reduces the reporting time burden, and increases supplier incentives to start and maintain data disclosure. Toxnot Exchange transforms the market by helping suppliers capture value from their data while reducing the time and cost of providing it to customers. The Toxnot Exchange is now part of all Toxnot accounts, including free accounts. Anyone can sign up and immediately create, find, & share material passports across the platform.

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Toxnot is a software company with a mission to improve health and sustainability across the global supply chain by streamlining the chemical transparency process. Toxnot provides an efficient system for manufacturers to import chemicals data, provide insight into their hazard profiles, report on the results and create safer products. Organizations use Toxnot to automate transparency reporting and compliance, easily collect hazard information, and reduce risks across their global supply chain. Toxnot scales from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises.


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