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Product Data Collection is Difficult
And you need smoother solutions.

The biggest barrier companies face when managing sustainability, circularity, and compliance successfully is gathering supply chain data. Let's change that.




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An effective circular economy isn't only built on continuous material loops but is reliant on the harmonious exchange of data across supply chains.


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Passport data flows directly into your product solutions








Material & Product Passports

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Product passports allow you to streamline and manage the exchange of your product data more efficiently across your entire supply chain. Create, search, and find material and product data across the Digital Product Passport Library. Search by product name, company, or description to discover ingredient and substance data, material safety data sheets, and compliance data you need.


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Be in control. It's your data.


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Send material passports to anyone anywhere

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Determine what data ingredients to disclose (or not disclose) on your passports

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Display your material compliance including CA Prop 65, SCIP, EU REACH, & RoHS

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Leverage your company profile to highlight your product passports

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Add attachments of any documentation that users may find useful with your passports



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