Toxnot is now 3E Exchange

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Furniture & Interiors

Improving manufacturer's efficiency managing their supply chain and regulatory compliance

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Trusted Supply Chain Management


6 of the top 10 largest furniture manufacturers use 3E Exchange


Dozens of leading fabric, hardware, and material suppliers operate and communicate on 3E Exchange. Our solution makes communicating up and down the supply chain easy and efficient to help streamline your reporting and compliance needs.

Share and retrieve critical ingredient and compliance data to gather, maintain, and report information quickly.


Simplify Your Data Collection

Securely gather product data and manage it all on one platform


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Manage Your Data

Instantly import your products and materials library directly into 3E Exchange using our platforms AI and automation.




Survey Your Suppliers

Survey your entire supply chain by surveying your suppliers directly through our platform. Get materials ingredient data back in a secure and private way that protects everyone's IP.



Create & Submit Your Reports

Once you have your products and materials imported on our platform you're ready to create and submit your reports!


How 3E Exchange Helps Manufacturers

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Generate consumer confidence with safer, less toxic products

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Improve CSR initiatives promoting safety and sustainability

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Reduce risk by understanding sources and ingredients

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Engage your suppliers efficiently to get the data you need

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Easily identify chemical hazards and explore safer options

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Manage complex product and material libraries on a flexible platform

Screen Ingredients & Publish Against Global Regulations

Maintain compliance determinations and version control on one platform

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California Prop 65

CA Prop 65 is a proposition set to safeguard drinking water from harmful chemicals. Here's why you should be compliant.



This EU regulation was established in 2007 to help regulate chemicals within the EU. Find out if you should be EU REACH compliant.



The Restriction of Use of Hazardous Substances regulates products in the electronics industry. Learn how to disclose information for RoHS.


Conflict Minerals

Companies want to verify and disclose whether 3TG minerals are in their products. Here's how you can report on conflict minerals.

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REACH SVHC List: How to Handle Substances of Very High Concern

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Introducing 3E Exchange: Connection, Supply Chain Management and Sustainability

We are pleased to announce that Toxnot is now 3E Exchange. The word, “exchange” conjures up images of a two-way street,...

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The 7 Most Important Features of Bill of Materials (BOM) Compliance Software: Templates and More

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