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Sustainability Management
Optimize ESG goals and streamline reporting with product transparency
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Expert Sustainable Supply Chain Management


Access Supplier Data Faster

Search thousands of materials data on the Toxnot Exchange. Utilize unlimited surveying for simplified integration of your data from suppliers.

Gain Supply Chain Data Visibility

See exactly what’s in your products, screen out chemical hazards, and design safer products

Future-Proof Regulatory Management

Ensure your products meet legal requirements & regulations with instant product compliance analysis and tracking

Prepare for the Circular Economy

Move closer to circular economic objectives by understanding the life cycle of your products and introducing sustainability into design



Product Transparency & FMD

In order to be prepared for future regulations and meet growing sustainability goals & initiatives - companies need to improve their product transparency. Obtaining Full Material Disclosure (FMD) of the chemicals in products is the best way to reduce future risk, improve brand value, and improve your transparency across your entire supply chain.

Read our product transparency guide to learn more.

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Streamline Your Reporting

Strengthen your brand & meet ESG goals more easily with automated reporting & label creation for product sustainability. 

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sign-up-bullet-3eDeclare Labels

Toxnot's the sole platform where you can create Declare labels. These nutrition labels for building products are managed & reviewd by ILFI

sign-up-bullet-3e Health Product Declarations (HPD)

HPDs are a self declared list of ingredients as claimed by the product manufacturer. The standard was created by the Health Product Declaration Collaborative.

sign-up-bullet-3e Product Circularity Data Sheets (PCDS)

The PCDS establishes an official standard for a product's supply chain circularity data. The PCDS aims to answer whether a product sohuld be reused, recycled, or repaired.

sign-up-bullet-3eAnd much more!

EPDs, LEED V4, Cradle to Cradle - find out how Toxnot can automate your sustainability reporting







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At 3E Exchange, we believe that sustainability is not only good for people and the environment but can drive a strong return as well. All products have a source, a supply chain, a chemical make-up, and end-of-life options. Do you know yours?

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