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Product Design

Uncover the chemical hazards in supply chain so you can create safer, less toxic products for your customers.


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Design for Sustainability & Safety

Find Product Risks & Substitute for Safer Ingredients

Customers want to make sure your products are safe and compliant. Identify what chemical hazards are in your products and design them out of your supply chain. Using key insights you can improve your products to drive sustainability, circularity, and regulatory goals.

Design Sustainable, Safer, Less-Toxic Products & Materials

3E Exchange's Design Features

Screen Chemical & Material Hazards

Use GreenScreen List Translator™ scores to see where chemicals of concern exist

Use the Toxnot database of over 50,000 substances to compare chemical hazards in alternative ingredients

Easy Ingredient Comparisons

Compare products and materials to find priority chemicals for ingredient substitution - and highlight improvements

Identify common chemicals of concern across your whole product library

Make smarter decisions about ingredient substitutions so you can design less toxic products

Product Portfolio Analytics

Track and share product portfolio metrics

Create custom dashboards for your unique supply chain

Comprehensive portfolio view for compliance, supplier & product data

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